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Disinformation Villains Illustrated

Disinformation villains illustrated: Steve Brodner illustrates the seven worst, writes Sam Thielman.


Disinformation Is Winning

Disinformation is winning: “We’re dangerously close to a situation in which facts no longer function as a journalistic response,” writes Kyle Pope. “Then what?”


Recognizing Satire

Recognizing satire: “People have long mistaken satire for real news,” write R. Kelly Garrett, Robert Bond and Shannon Poulsen.

Satirical newspapers found to be quoted as factual. Democrats and republicans fooled. Americans think made-up news is a significant problem.


Stickers Warn Of False News

Stickers warn of false news: Some fact-checkers around the world developed sticker warnings, writes Cristina Tardaguila.

“For now, they seem to be a nice (and colorful) way to tell friends and family they are spreading low-quality information — and should think twice before sharing content,” she writes.