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Canada Media and Royals Clash

Canada media and royals clash: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warn media about privacy, writes Darcy Schild.

It’s “new territory” for Canadian media and privacy laws, which are “relatively undefined.”


NPR Seeks Public Editor

NPR seeks public editor: Unusual job opportunity if “this sounds like you.”

Diplomatic style that engenders respect and trust required, says the ad. Must stay current on media ethics and trends. Digital and social media proficiency and sophistication needed. Salary not specified.


Decade of Media Ethics

Decade of media ethics: Sydney Smith gives an overview of major issues and trends from 2010-2019.

The term “fake news” rises in political reporting. Hoaxes, lawsuits, retractions and firings crop up in covering the president.

The last half of the decade saw an apparent decrease in plagiarism and fabrication cases.