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AI In Newsrooms

AI in newsrooms: A report by think-tank Polis says artificial intelligence is used in newsrooms for news gathering, production and distribution. Defining AI “can be fuzzy.”


Medill Dean’s Views On Conflict

Medill dean’s views on conflict: The uproar over the Daily Northwestern shows a need for media literary, says Charles Whitaker, in a CNN report by Katie Pellico and Brian Stelter.


Campus Journalists Under Fire

Campus journalists under fire: Entrenched viewpoints and growing criticism of media have converged on college campuses, write Lindsey McGinnis and Noah Robertson.

Reporting opposing views seen as threatening by student activists.

“If readers think certain groups don’t deserve a voice, does listening to that group make journalists complicit?” they ask.


NU’s Backlash To The Backlash

NU’s backlash to the backlash: The Daily Northwestern apologized to activists for its coverage and photos of a stormy news event, writes Robby Soave.

The activists worried that the student newspaper’s coverage of their disruptive actions undermined their safety and could get them in trouble. Journalism dean  calls the paper’s apology “heartfelt though not well-considered.”