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Chasing Foundation Grants

Chasing foundation grants: Jacob Nelson and Patrick Ferrucci report that foundation funding often goes to news nonprofits for technology-driven projects, audience-engagement projects and for pushing journalists to expand their work beyond traditional routines.


Instant Messaging Apps

Instant messaging apps: Sharon Moshavi writes that news is heading to a place that presents a new set of challenges.

“If journalists don’t step up, audiences won’t find much credible news on private messaging apps,” she writes.


Algorithm Values

Algorithm values: There’s a chance to reclaim news distribution from technology companies, and ensure that commercial and public interest values are better balanced, writes Nicholas Diakopoulos.

“Journalistic news feeds are an opportunity for news organizations to take back control over distribution by writing algorithms with more traditionally recognizable editorial, ethical and public interest values.”


The Power Of Rumors

The power of rumors: “A tool available to all, rumors can act as antidotes to institutional violence, propaganda campaigns or political misconduct,” writes Larissa Pham. “Press conferences are for the powerful; rumors are for ordinary people trying to take down people in power.”

They can warn; they can protect.