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Freelancers’ Ethical Dilemmas

Freelancers’ ethical dilemmas: Freelancers make up an increasing portion of the media workforce, writes Laura Neuman.

Unlike staff journalists, she writes, they don’t work in a newsroom with editors, colleagues and legal staff close by.


Perils of Freelancing

Perils of freelancing: Freelancers are sharing rates and organizing as the pools of available money dwindles, writes Elizabeth King.

“Even in non-unionized workplaces, employees are legally protected if they want to discuss their pay with colleagues,” she writes, but it is considered risky or taboo.


Sex Abuse Against Freelancers Unnoticed

Sex abuse against freelancers unnoticed: Though sex abuse in newsrooms was a major story, writes Steven Potter, misconduct against freelance journalists got little attention.

Women are especially vulnerable, he writes. They have little recourse against abusers and remain unprotected.