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Media Prophesy for 2018

Smart people tell Nieman Lab what the world of journalism will look like in 2018.

“If this year was about transparency of the journalistic process and how we do our job, next year it will be about transparency of values and why we do our job,” say Millie Tran and Stine Bauer Dahlberg.


Words Pushed Their Way Into Media Lexicon in 2017

Media lexicon expands in 2017: Ken Doctor lists words that “pushed their way into our lexicon.”

Example: Useful idiots. “We weren’t so sophisticated in years past in cataloging our types of idiots.” The term unexpectedly was reborn in 2017.


Facial-recognition and Internet Vigilantes

Year of the Internet Vigilantes: Doris Truong writes about online identification technology to combat misinformation.

“It might lie in facial-recognition technology. You might have it in your hands already, depending on which smartphone you’re using.” Trust but verify.


The Trust Project

The Trust Project: Laura Hazard Owen says the project is a global effort to provide clarity on news organization ethics and standards and how journalists do their work.