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Sharing Content Without Thinking

Sharing content without thinking: “A complex web of societal shifts is making people more susceptible to misinformation and conspiracy,” writes Claire Wardle.

“Most of this content is designed not to persuade people in any particular direction but to cause confusion, to overwhelm and to undermine trust in democratic institutions from the electoral system to journalism. Users become “unwitting agents of disinformation.”



Trust In Media At All-Time Low

New poll, same results: Public trust in the media is at an all-time low.

Knight-Gallup survey shows Americans can’t name an objective news source.

Half of Americans say more news sources make it harder to be informed.

Concern over “fake news” is high.

Getting to Know Reporters Builds Trust

Getting to know reporters builds trust: Pictures and bios of reporters are “trust indicators,” write Alex Curry and Natalie (Talla) Jomini Stroud about a Center for Media Engagement trust project experiment.

News organizations have ways to signal trustworthiness to their audience.

“Sharing why and how a story was written and parting the curtain on the organizational leadership structure are a few of the tested ideas that show promise.”