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Top Ten Dubious Polling Awards

Top ten dubious polling award: David W. Moore says CBS News gets first place in the tongue-in-cheek awards “for explicitly highlighting the knowledge-free basis of much public opinion polling” in 2017.

Moore said CBS nudged respondents to guess despite their admitted lack of knowledge.


Trust In Media At All-Time Low

New poll, same results: Public trust in the media is at an all-time low.

Knight-Gallup survey shows Americans can’t name an objective news source.

Half of Americans say more news sources make it harder to be informed.

Concern over “fake news” is high.

Gallup Poll Divide on Gun Control Laws

Same poll, two conclusions: David W. Moore writes about a Gallup Poll on gun control laws.

“How did Gallup find barely a majority of Americans supporting new gun laws and, in the same poll, find virtually everyone supporting at least one new gun law, with large majorities supporting each of the three new laws included in the poll?” asks Moore. A mystery.