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Hate Crimes Collaboration

Hate crimes collaboration: ProPublica’s three-year project involving hundreds of newsrooms published over 230 stories, writes Rachel Glickhouse.

“Our approach included asking people to tell us their stories of experiences or witnessing hate crimes and bias incidents.”


Collaborative Data Journalism

Collaborative data journalism: ProPublica launches a guidebook on allowing hundreds of people to access and work with a shared pool of data, writes Rachel Glickhouse.

It includes how to start newsroom collaborations, ways to collaborate and managing workflows. Taking on enormous projects with hundreds of journalists.


High Ethical Standards In Pursuit of News

High ethical standards in pursuit of news: The Center for Journalism
Ethics names ProPublica a finalist for an ethics award.

In telling the story of a high school student trying to escape gang membership, ProPublica did not publish his last name or run photos that might reveal his identity.