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AI In Newsrooms

AI in newsrooms: A report by think-tank Polis says artificial intelligence is used in newsrooms for news gathering, production and distribution. Defining AI “can be fuzzy.”


Happy Newsrooms

Happy newsrooms: Define your mission, then work with others with different mindsets and skills, writes Uli Koppen.

Interdisciplinary teams involve a lot of trial and error. A great experience and “a hell of a headache,” he writes.


Tech Journalism

Tech journalism: James Ball calls for a universal approach.

“Maybe we should simply scrap the idea of a ‘tech desk’ altogether”, he writes.

“The sector needs scrutiny, but since technology now touches every aspect of our society, keeping it siloed from the rest of the newsroom now feels artificial. Let it be covered, extensively, across desks.”

Philanthropy Supports News Companies

Philanthropy becomes a larger part of revenue streams for newspapers and news companies, writes David Westphal.

“Until recently, it was unthinkable that newspapers would become major recipients of charitable subsidies,” he writes. “But as newsroom layoffs continue with no apparent end, increasingly they are seeking philanthropic support, and the nonprofit word is delivering.”