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Anonymous Sources

Anonymous sources: Most reporters know that stories are only as good as the reliability of identified sources who are quoted. From the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists archives.


Media Ethics Issues of 2019

Media ethics issues of 2019: Sydney Smith summarizes noteworthy media ethics issues.

Misinformation, verification, racism, bad taste and damaging tweets from the past are among them.


Ethics Codes Overhaul

Ethics codes overhaul: Bill Grueskin writes that the digital age needs a new code of ethics.

2020 “ought to be the year that our ethics codes get an overhaul, as journalists face relentless business pressures, relinquish even more control over how our content is distributed and framed and deal with the consequences of anonymity, doxing and transparency. It’s more urgent than ever, as our country becomes increasingly polarized and as trust in the news media remains tepid.”