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Anonymity Exposed

Anonymity exposed: Anonymity is a con game played on the public by some of the nation’s leading newspapers, says a story from the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists archives.

“Most reporters know that stories are only as good as the reliability of identified sources who are quoted,” says AdviceLine.

Fixing The Gender Source Imbalance

Fixing the gender imbalance: Ed Yong writes about disparities in selecting men and women as sources for stories.

“There are many ways for us to increase the diversity of our sources, and achieving gender parity is by far the simplest of them,” he writes.

Cybersecurity Training For Journalists

Basic digital security competence is now essential for all journalists, writes Joshua Oliver.

“These days, bad security habits could betray your sources, or the sources of the reporter sitting next to you,” by clicking the wrong link.

Journalism schools surveyed devote less than two hours to digital security training, writes Oliver. Security should become a habit.