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Reporting On Abortion

Reporting on abortion: NPR has careful guidelines for reporting on abortions, writes Sydney Smith.

The goal is to be factual, clear and non-political. NPR does not use terms like “pro-life” or “pro-choice.”



90 Days, 90 Voices

90 Days, 90 Voices is a nonprofit news outlet aiming to transform immigration reporting by telling better and more ethical stories.

It guidelines call for asking a source how to tell their story, protecting their identity and creating a safe space for the interview.


Digital Security Guide

Comprehensive guide to digital security: Motherboard tells how to guard against hackers and surveillance. Digital basics for privacy and messaging.

“As a consumer, you can’t control the bugs that your carrier leave open for hackers. But you can make it a bit harder for hackers to impersonate you with gullible tech support employees. The solution is easy, although not that many people know about it: A secondary password or passcode that you need to provide when you call your cellphone provider.”