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Banning Abused Words and Phrases

Banning abused words and phrases: Alexandria Neason begins a campaign to ban words and phrases that “no longer mean anything at all,” like “woke.”


What Teens Want

What teens want: “Ultimately, young people want the same thing from news organizations that adults do: the truth,” writes Lauren Harris. Attempts to emulate teens make them wince.


Audience Engagement

Audience engagement: Chip Scanlan writes about the power of talking to people in person, “a step that might once have seemed banal, but now seems almost radical.”

“There’s no substitute, as any experienced journalist knows, for face-to-face encounters,” he writes. “Though phone or email interviews may sometimes be efficient or necessary…., only in person can an interviewer observe the nuances of body language, details of environment and give reassuring nods and smiles that create trust and intimacy.”


Sex Crimes Victims’ Privacy

Sex crimes victims’ privacy: A Spanish woman kills herself when a sex video surfaces, causing a sensation in the Spanish press.

Meaghan Beatley reports a plea for ethics guidelines to cover gender violence. Spain’s Data Protection Agency moves to remove online revenge porn within 24 hours.