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Paying For Hyperlocal Journalism

Paying for hyperlocal journalism: Christine Schmidt describes attempts to connect people with the community and engaging with them.

“The ultimate goal is, well, seeing if it can sustain the salary of a hyperlocal journalist,” she writes.


Combatting Disinformation

Combatting disinformation: How do journalists report on disinformation “without pouring gasoline on the fire?” asks Mathew Ingram.

Fact-checking efforts can have a boomerang effect and actually entrench a false belief in some cases, he writes.


Building An Ethical Culture At NPR

Building an ethical culture at NPR: The NPR standards & practices editor tells Victoria Kwan about language usage, social media practices and urgent ethics issues.

“The bottom line is still fact-checking and verification,” says editor Mark Memmott. “Your credibility as a journalist will depend upon how well yo do those things, more than whether you’re the most clever writer or the fastest to spot a viral tweet.”


Sex Crimes Victims’ Privacy

Sex crimes victims’ privacy: A Spanish woman kills herself when a sex video surfaces, causing a sensation in the Spanish press.

Meaghan Beatley reports a plea for ethics guidelines to cover gender violence. Spain’s Data Protection Agency moves to remove online revenge porn within 24 hours.


A Scary State In Newspaper Journalism

A scary state in newspaper journalism: Potential buyers pass on the fading Youngstown Vindicator, “and that’s scary as hell,” writes Joshua Benton.

The energy in the newspaper business for the past half-decade-plus has been toward consolidation, he writes. Lack of interest in the 150-year-old Vindicator might indicate consolidators decided that “financially there’s nothing of value left to consolidate.”