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Journalists A Rare Sighting

Journalists a rare sighting: The Pew Research Center finds 21 percent of Americans never spoke with a local journalist, writes Elizabeth Grieco.

Americans who have spoken with a journalist are a bit more likely than those who have not to say local news media do a very good job.


Key Demographic Trends

Key demographic trends: Hispanics are expected to be the largest racial or ethnic minority in the next election, write Anthony Cilluffo and D’Vera Cohn, according to the Pew Research Center.

This was one of six demographic trends that included findings on American adult generations, unmarried parents, immigration and household income.


Journalists Engaged In Communities Preferred

Journalists engaged in communities preferred: The Pew Research Center finds urban and rural residents want news from journalists personally engaged in their communities, writes Elizabeth Grieco.

Urban resident say journalists are more likely to cover their areas, and see certain local news topics as important for daily life. They also rely on online sources for local news. Rural dwellers less satisfied.