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Vulture Capitalism In 2020

Vulture capitalism in 2020: Ken Doctor says the 25 percent stake Alden Global Capital got in Tribune Publishing is the latest wakeup call.

“The old world is over, and the new one — one of ghost newspapers, news deserts and under informed communities — is headed straight for us.”


Algorithm Values

Algorithm values: There’s a chance to reclaim news distribution from technology companies, and ensure that commercial and public interest values are better balanced, writes Nicholas Diakopoulos.

“Journalistic news feeds are an opportunity for news organizations to take back control over distribution by writing algorithms with more traditionally recognizable editorial, ethical and public interest values.”


Naming Shooters

Naming shooters: Many media minimized naming the culprit in the Santa Clarita, Ca. school shooting, writes Natalie Yahr. A shift.

“In response to research suggesting that extensive coverage of these assailants may encourage others to follow suit, many outlets have chosen to devote less coverage to perpetrators and more to victims and to the laws and policies that have not prevents these tragedies.”